Production and ServicesCustomer Preferences and Design ResearchIt is a consultancy service to develop the product range and to create a product development and design infrastructure that will appeal to the customer group determined for companies that will produce by making new designs.
Export Consultancy ServiceThese are the consultancy services to be provided for analysing the export demands of customers, determining the current situation and determining potential markets, reaching the market and target buyer groups, and supporting marketing and sales activities
Production Development ConsultancyIt is a service for the development and implementation of the production processes of products designed for the customer segment and the specified market.
Quality Control ConsultancyThese are the services of following the quality of the products, starting from the raw material, during the production process and at every stage afterwards, and ensuring their traceability and the preparation of an action plan. Quality control should not be the last stage of production. Quality control should be carried out in all processes starting from raw material procurement and it should be aimed to reduce the error rates below 1 per thousand. Kahramanmaraş Gold and Jewellery Centre provides services to its customers with a total quality management approach.
Design & Modelling ServicesHand DesignIt is the service offered for the development of new products or existing products with hand design.
Computer aided designIt is the service offered for the development of new products or existing products with computer.
3D ModellingIt is a 3D modelling service is directly modelling from computer.
3D Prototyping3D Metal PrototypingIt is the job of making 3D metal master models after 3D modelling. 3D printing is done on products using powder metal.
3D Printing ResinIt is the job of 3D printing using resin.
3D Printing WaxIt is a 3D printing job using wax.
2D DrawingIt is a 2D drawing service in computer environment.
Casting ServicesGold CastingIt is the process of pouring the melted gold in the ladle into the mould.
Silver CastingIt is the process of pouring the melted silver in the crucible into the mould.
Fusion CastingIt is the casting process of very sensitive parts.
Prototype CastingIt is the job of casting mould from silver.
Resin Model CastingIt is the casting of a resin model from the master models from silver.
Selling Wax instead of MouldsIt is a wax mould casting job from the main mould.
Stone Settings on WaxIt is the work of placing stones on a wax mould. This service is used to produce jewellery with stones.
Laser Cutting, Marking and Engraving ServicesLaser DrawingIt is the work of product drawings in computer environment. The desired drawing is made on the surface by engraving with the effect of intense laser light on the area to be printed on the product.
Laser cuttingLaser cutting is mainly a thermal process in which a focused laser beam is used to melt material in a localised area. A co-axial gas jet is used to eject the molten material and create a kerf. A continuous cut is produced by moving the laser beam or workpiece under CNC control.
Laser Marking and EngravingLaser marking discolours the surface of the material, while laser etching and engraving removes a portion of the surface area as it marks. The major difference between laser etching and engraving is the depth to which the laser penetrates the surface.
3D Object Scanning ServiceTransferring the 3D model of the sample piece to the computer environment by 3D scanning method.
Hand Design Training60 hrs. training on Hand Design.
3D Modelling Training60 hrs. training on 3D Modelling.
Casting Training60 hrs. training on Casting.
TrainingsLaser Systems Training60 hrs. training on Laser Systems.
Polishing Training60 hrs. training on Polishing.
Rubber Moulding Training60 hrs. training on Rubber Moulding.
Setting of Stones Training60 hrs. training on Setting of Stones.

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